By: Myriam Jaidi

[An LLMJ creation set loosely to an old “gangsta” tune.  A thank you to Elizabeta Markuci for a lyrical turn]

Here’s a little somethin’ bout the H-1B
Havin’ so much trouble as a legit visa category
Grass-ley would like to say
It’s a crazy visa status, should be thrown away

Since it was established, so much trouble
Cuz of the few employers pullin’ tricks on the double
Breakin a rule or two, that’s what a few of them do
Not caring how it affects the rest of you

With a fake job no pay fake work-site
Messing things up for employers who do everything right

Hope the Gang of 8 is getting with it.
H-1B numbers need to increase by a big bit
A few indictments of alleged fakers here and there
Shouldn’t hurt the legit employers everywhere

Why the IT business model being picked on?
Many companies place people off-site, why not Dibon?
If they are benching they aren’t the best role model at the moment
But ‘til they’re proven guilty, the H-1B shouldn’t foment.

Everywhere you look, people trifling
Blaming H-1Bs for job growth stifling.
Entrepreneurs had hope with EIR and all that,
Now shaking their heads as their petitions go splat.

The H-1B should be a status built to last
Just ask Bill Gates, he’ll tell you: you better move fast
He’s lucky.  He has options. Like Canada, where he can bail to.
What about everyone else, what should they do?

Lobby, lobby, just like Mark Z. do!
It’s not about mentality it’s about economic need and reality
Lobby, lobby

Hopin’ you sophisticated politicians hear what they have to say.

And yes, April Fools!

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